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Larceny, Robbery, Burglary, Shoplifting & Other Crimes

Have you been charged with a theft crime such as larceny, robbery, burglary, fraud, or some other theft crime? At the offices of Albert L. Wysocki, Attorney at Law, we are exceptionally qualified to defend people facing charges in a range of misdemeanor and felony theft crimes. With over 30 years of experience as a Deputy Sheriff, a judge and a prosecutor, he has seen every angle in a criminal court case.

His vast experience gives him the insight that no other Lake County criminal defense attorney has. Mr. Wysocki's reputation is truly second-to-none when it comes to skill, competence and professional knowledge in the areas of the law relating to theft crimes.

Are you a victim of a police or prosecutor error? Contact the firm.

Many times, when investigating a crime, law enforcement fails to follow proper protocol in interviewing suspects, witnesses, and gathering physical evidence and storing it for trial. At times, the prosecutor's office will fail to properly handle issues as well. These mistakes often allow for a wise and experienced defense attorney to file a motion to have evidence excluded from the case.

This action almost invariably results in either a reduction of the charges in a plea bargain, or an acquittal at trial. With the years of knowledge and experience gained from working in law enforcement, the courts, and in the prosecutor's office, Mr. Wysocki has gained the reputation of a shrewd criminal defense litigator that can successfully defend you. Take advantage of the experience and skill of the firm, and call today.

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Contact us today for a free evaluation of your case. We will review all pertinent information, sit with you and hear your side of the story, and give you our honest and professional opinion as to the possibility of successfully defending you against your charges. Our experience and reputation speaks for itself.

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  • “He made me feel like family. He absolutely wants what's best for his client and will fight to the end! His office staff was very competent and polite. I had a great experience and would definitely use him again in the future.”

    Alyssa B

  • “Mr. Wysocki is as good as they get!”

    Ron W.

  • “Mr. Wysocki was able to represent my case with a concise and commanding presentation to the court, successfully negotiating a very favorable outcome for which my family and I are incredibly grateful!”


  • “Albert Wysocki esq. is an adept and skillful litigator that is willing to fight for his client's best interest.”

    Jamie K

  • “He is very professional and courteous. He is intimidating, but I'd prefer a firm attorney over a push-over any day.”


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