Illegal Search & Seizure Was Your Property Unfairly Searched?

Illegal Search & Seizure

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It is of paramount importance that you as a citizen understand how the laws regarding illegal searches and seizures affect you. The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution guarantees your right to be free from such searches and seizures by law enforcement and if you are arrested based on an illegal search conducted by police, a Lake County criminal defense attorney can use this to try and have your charges dropped.

Albert L. Wysocki Attorney, Attorney at Law has over 30 years of legal experience defending the rights of the accused. As a seasoned attorney, Mr. Wysocki is unsurprised by criminal charges and understands how to undermine the prosecution when you are accused of a misdemeanor or felony. He is a member of Municipal Lawyers Section, Jefferson Inns of Court, and the Illinois State Bar Association, among other legal organizations. He is also a former judge, so reach out to him today for vital legal counsel if you have been arrested.

Searches & Expectations of Privacy

The Fourth Amendment grants you a reasonable expectation of privacy protecting you from searches and seizures without a search warrant. This right to privacy has limits, however, in certain places and situations.

Such places include:

  • Items which are in "plain view" or exposed and in the open such as illegal drugs or weapons
  • Public places such as a park or restaurant
  • Parts of a business office open to the public such as a reception area
  • Your trash once it is placed at the curb for collection

In essence, if something is in "plain view" for law enforcement or police have a reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing, they can search and seize your property. Either of these claims can be challenged in court, however, by a Lake County criminal defense lawyer.

The exclusionary rule protects those whose property was searched and/or seized in an unreasonable search. Evidence unlawfully seized cannot be used as direct evidence against a defendant in a criminal prosecution and your charges may be dropped if such is the case.

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If you have been arrested by means of a violation of your reasonable right to privacy, speak with Albert L. Wysocki, Attorney at Law right away and he can work to protect your rights and contest your arrest. The firm has a proven track-record of upholding clients' right to privacy in its 30+ years of operation and can make the difference for your case.

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