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Breath Tests: Lake County DUI Lawyer

Challenging Breath Test Evidence in DUI Cases

Many people who are arrested on driving under the influence charges are booked because of a breath test that registered a driver's BAC over the legal limit. But did you know that there are ways these tests could have been conducted that make this critical evidence open to challenge? Know your rights!

Hire a trusted attorney who has represented clients facing a variety of criminal charges, including misdemeanor and felony DUI charges. Attorney Albert L. Wysocki has over 3 decades of experience; you can read just a few testimonials from some of his satisfied clients here. He offers a free consultation for anyone who is interested in discussing their DUI case, so contact him today!

Police Stops & Your Breath Test

Breath tests are the most common way police will determine whether or not a person is legally intoxicated. Breath tests are widely considered to be one of the most accurate and reliable ways to test a person's BAC (blood alcohol content). Although these tests are considered to provide evidence that clearly establishes the level of intoxication, no test is failsafe. In fact, there are many circumstances that could have led to an incorrect reading. One major reason your test could have been inaccurate is if the arresting officer did correctly administer the test.

Did the police make a mistake on my breath test?

Illinois state law mandates that you must be observed by an officer for 20 minutes before a breath test is administered. This ensures that no contributing factors could affect the BAC reading. For example, certain breath mints or mouth washes may attribute to a higher BAC level read by the test, which could skew results. Additionally, the officer needs to make sure you do not vomit or burp in the 20 minutes leading up to the breath test because this is also known to impact breath testing, and register at a higher BAC level. There are also cases in which breath testing units have not been properly calibrated, or a specific unit has failed on many other occasions. All of these facts must be investigated.

If the arresting officer failed to correctly administer a breath test, the results cannot be trusted as accurate, and when the facts are presented to the court, could lead to a dismissal of the charges against you. Don't gamble with your future. Hire an attorney who can defend you in court and provide you with aggressive representation. Let Albert L. Wysocki represent you if you are facing DUI charges.

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