Albert L. Wysocki Aggressive Defender for Charges of Murder & Homicide

Lake County Murder Defense Lawyer

Aggressive Defender for Charges of Murder & Homicide

What the general public refers to as murder charges can involve a number of different actual legal charges, including an intentional homicide or an unintentional or accidental killing. If you have been charged with a crime alleging that you caused the death of another, please consider contacting Albert L. Wysocki, Attorney at Law.

Obviously, murder and its associated crimes are of the most serious crimes you can possibly be charged with. If you are, or a loved one is, seeking legal defense against a charge of homicide, please consider your choice very carefully. Attorney Wysocki is uniquely and eminently qualified to serve as a criminal defense lawyer for those accused of serious crimes due to his all-encompassing experience within the legal system.

Unmatched Experience in Criminal Defense in Lake County

The founder of the firm once served as a Chief Deputy Sheriff, exposing him to a vast amount of procedural knowledge about how the law enforcement procedure works. First-hand experience serving as a law enforcement officer has given him invaluable insight into what common mistakes are made when investigating crimes. This experience lends itself to cross-examination techniques which are crucial when facing law enforcement officers as witnesses.

He has also served as a judge, and therefore, fully understands the trial process and allows him to hone in on the judicial temperament of a judge, and gives him insight on the procedural mistakes that could be made by prosecutors. His experience as a former prosecutor allows him to think like a prosecutor and expose any flaws in the prosecution's strategy quickly, and to take advantage of any defense opportunity that presents itself.

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No other practicing criminal defense attorney in Lake County has the experience and skill of Mr. Wysocki. Contact us now for a free evaluation of your case. There is no other criminal defense lawyer more qualified to protect your legal rights when facing criminal charges of any type in Lake County and the surrounding area.

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  • “Albert Wysocki esq. is an adept and skillful litigator that is willing to fight for his client's best interest.”

    Jamie K

  • “After 5 minutes or debate, it was like Al used some type of jedi mind trick and the judge agreed to all of Al's requests. I couldn't recommend him more.”

    Anthony D.

  • “Hiring Albert L Wysocki as my attorney was absolutely without a doubt hands down one of the best decisions of my life.”


  • “Has always been extraordinary in giving the help and advice you need.”

    Melanie N.

  • “Every interaction I've had with him has been much better than I expected.”

    Justin S.

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