Defense Lawyer for Sex Crimes Against Children Defending Those Accussed of Molestation, Statutory Rape, & Various Other Cases

Defense Lawyer for Sex Crimes Against Children

Defending Those Accused of Child Molestation, Statutory Rape and Child Pornography Crimes

Being accused of child molestation, possession of child pornography or statutory rape can destroy your reputation in a relatively short period of time. You may find yourself convicted in the court of public opinion before your trial even begins. Limiting exposure is therefore a vital component of any proper defense. Al Wysocki, a lawyer with extensive experience defending clients charged with various crimes against children, can help lessen any exposure and prepare a strong defense strategy.

A conviction for committing a crime against children results in extremely harsh consequences, including incarceration, large fines and lifetime registration as a sex offender. Defense attorney, Al Wysocki will take the time to explain the law, answer your questions and outline your defense options. Rest assured, he will keep you full informed throughout the entire legal process.

Start Building Your Defense As Soon As Possible

If you suspect that you are under investigation for a crime against children or have already been formally charged, please do not hesitate to contact attorney Wysocki as soon as possible. The sooner you secure an experienced crimes against children defense attorney, the more options will remain available for your defense.

Child Pornography

Many people who are charged with possession or distribution of child pornography are not even aware that the illegal material is on their computer. Seemingly invisible file sharing programs may automatically download and upload images without their knowledge. Because evidence in these cases is very hard to dispute, it is important to secure a knowledgeable child pornography defense lawyer to protect your rights and your future.

Child Molestation

The truth is sometimes difficult to detect in child molestation cases. Unfortunately, children may be coerced into falsifying reports by parents or other family members seeking revenge or monetary damages. A comprehensive investigation of all evidence is absolutely critical. You can rely on child molestation defense attorney Al Wysocki to diligently examine every possible defense option.

Statutory Rape

In Illinois, it is unlawful for an adult to have sexual relations with a minor under the age of 18, regardless of their relationship with one another. Let statutory rape defense lawyer Al Wysocki craft a strong defense to protect your rights, your future and your reputation.

Contact a Dedicated Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

Attorney Wysocki knows the law and knows how to uncover the truth. Contact him as soon as possible to begin discussing your defense options.

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