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Expungement in Illinois

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At the law offices of Albert L. Wysocki, we understand how overwhelming the process of getting your record expunged can feel. Our experienced Lake County criminal defense attorney can help you through the complex legal process. With over 30 years of legal experience, his knowledgeable team can take action and develop an effective, personalized legal strategy for your case.

The Law on Expungement

As of 2017, according to Illinois State Law - qualifying arrests, supervisions and probations can be expunged regardless of their previous convictions. This is an amendment to an old law that required the smallest convictions (underage drinking, fines, etc.) to disqualify individuals from expunging their criminal record.

Qualifying for Expungement

The Criminal Identification Act places limitations and boundaries on who can have their record expunged. Some of the qualifying factors include:

  • You have no pending charges against you currently
  • You are no longer on parole or probation
  • You were not on 2nd chance probation
  • Time Served
  • Jail or DOC time
  • Finding of guilty by judge or jury without the term of supervision

How Long Does it Take?

This process can take up to a few months to be completed. The state is allowed 60 days to object the petition to expunge. Once the judge orders your record expunged, it can take an additional 60 days for law enforcement to process the order.

What's the difference between Expungement and Sealing?

When your records are expunged, they are destroyed and returned to you. All other state government agencies will destroy their remaining records and any mention of your name will be removed from public record. When your records are sealed, government agencies still maintain the sealed file. Law enforcement will still have access to your records, but the general public is unable to access them.

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Our Lake County attorney can help you get your record expunged. As a former judge, prosecutor and deputy sheriff, Attorney Wysocki has an unprecedented understanding of the law.

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