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Blood Test Evidence and DUI Charges in Lake County

DUI Defense Lawyer in Lake County

Were you given a blood test to determine your BAC? As with any test, a blood test could lead to false results. That is why it is important to hire an attorney who can review the facts, and determine what actually took place when you were tested. If the testing was administered incorrectly, or the blood sample corrupted, the evidence against could be successfully challenged for your defense.

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Should I submit to a blood test?

The arresting officer will make the decision about the type of test you are administered, or you can request to have a blood test rather than a breath test. Under state law, if you refuse to take a breath or blood test, your license will be suspended immediately for one year. It is possible that your blood test was mishandled by a lab technician, or there have been problems with the chain of custody of the sample.

Legally, a police officer must be present when the sample is taken by a medical professional such as a doctor, nurse, phlebotomist, or certified paramedic. If your sample was taken by a person who was not certified, or officer of the law was not present when the sample was obtained, it may be possible to refute the validity of this evidence.

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Don't assume you will be convicted, and that the blood test evidence is enough to convict. Let us review the facts in your case before you make any decisions about what to do about a DUI charge. You absolutely cannot take chances with a DUI offense, as there are very serious repercussions, particularly if you were involved in an accident in which an injury took place. The best way protect yourself is to retain the services of a skilled Lake County DUI defense attorney who has the experience, knowledge and understanding of the science behind testing to challenge blood or breath testing evidence.

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