Scales of Justice

I've Been Arrested. What Do I Do?

You must remain silent. It's called the Fifth Amendment. Our country was established on this constitutional right so don't be at all hesitant about asserting it always. Do not be concerned if the police are displeased with you. They are not interested in "hearing your side of the story" or in "why would he or she say you did something." Their only goal is to get you to talk so they can use it against you in court.

Be polite, submit to their authority to arrest you, even if the arrest is, in the eyes of the law, unlawful. Tell them "I want a lawyer." They may tell you that you will have to wait for one, perhaps for hours or the next day. Do not give up your right to remain silent. Do not "explain anything." The court does not allow the jury to know that you refused to talk. It cannot be used against you in court.

If you are allowed to call someone from the police station, do not go into any detail in your conversation. Remember, the police are listening. They will use what you say against you even though you may be innocent.

They will almost always present you with a printed Miranda Rights Waiver at the police station. Do not sign it. Just say "I want a lawyer." They then should cease trying to talk to you.

As soon as you can, call my firm to discuss your case. I can see you almost any time.

If you are stopped for a traffic offense and you have been ingesting alcohol or drugs, do not:

  1. admit you are impaired
  2. that you have been drinking
  3. blow into any breath device, either at the point of arrest or at the police station
  4. do not do any tests at the scene of the arrest or the police station
  5. (5) always remain silent.

Then call my firm at (847) 892-6162. I am aggressive in the way that I represent my clients. I always works diligently, competently and professionally to achieve the best results for you. As a former judge, I am well-acquainted with the court and the personnel involved. In my decades of experience, I have learned the ropes of criminal law defense and will make sure you are always well represented to the best outcome possible in your particular case.


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