Criminal Defense Attorney in Zion, IL

Criminal Defense Attorney in Zion, IL

Are you looking for a superb criminal lawyer to handle your defense?

If you find yourself facing criminal charges in Zion, there is no question that you need an attorney who is ready to help you fight back, and who has the highest level of professional skill. Attorney Albert L. Wysocki has over three decades of experience in the criminal justice system, and formerly served in the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Bench as a Judge.

He is recognized by as highly competent and an effective trial lawyer, and is known throughout the courts in the region for his excellent legal work. He will take the time to listen carefully to your case without judgment. Having years of experience has taught him that there are two sides to every story. He is a lawyer you can rely on for personalized representation and considerate attention.

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Why Hire Attorney Albert L. Wysocki?

With more than three decades of experience, Attorney Wysocki can utilize his extensive knowledge and legal skills to your advantage, regardless of whether you need a strong defense strategy or wise counsel in a case.

Comprehensive Representation for Criminal Charges

No one plans for a DUI arrest, drug crime charges, or sex crime charges. Many parents are shocked when they get the call and learn their child is facing juvenile crime charges. You may have been driving home safely when you were pulled over by law enforcement who claim that you were driving erratically, and that there was reasonable suspicion that you were intoxicated.

An arresting officer needs to have a valid, legal reason to pull you over, such as reckless driving or failing to stop at a stop sign, or a minor traffic infraction. It is important that your rights are protected, and the firm can evaluate the details to find out if you have been the victim of a rights violation, including drug crimes that involved a search of your person, home, car or other location.

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When you are represented by the firm, every detail of the evidence and procedures will be scrutinized carefully in preparing the defense case. If you want to avoid conviction, or are facing a serious felony charge and want to find top quality defense counsel to increase your chances at trial, connect with the firm as early as possible after your arrest.

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Real Testimonials From Our Clients

  • “Every interaction I've had with him has been much better than I expected.”

    Justin S.

  • “He made me feel like family. He absolutely wants what's best for his client and will fight to the end! His office staff was very competent and polite. I had a great experience and would definitely use him again in the future.”

    Alyssa B

  • “He will not want to know how you feel but instead will ask exactly what was said and exactly what happened including dates, times, sequence of events etc. His mind works at warp speed.”


  • “Mr. Wysocki is as good as they get!”

    Ron W.

  • “I would HIGHLY recommend him without any reservation as an attorney for both Lake and Cook County cases.”

    Cindy G

Unbiased Advice, Honest Representation

Forged By Years of Experience
  • Over Three Decades of Criminal Law Experience

  • One-On-One Consultations & Personalized Representation

  • He Understands The Complex Nature of Criminal Cases

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