Criminal Defense Attorney in Warren, IL

Criminal Defense Attorney in Warren, IL

Why You Need to Retain Attorney Wysocki

Are you facing criminal charges in Warren? Hire Albert L. Wysocki for trusted legal representation.

He has defended clients facing a variety of different criminal charges, including:

Because he has well-rounded experience defending clients facing both felonies and misdemeanors, he has great insight into how to craft a defense case that can win in court. His clients can attest to Mr. Wysocki's skill as an attorney, and you can be sure that he will defend you with vigor and compassion. You can read what other clients say about him and read their testimonials here.

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Why Hire Attorney Albert L. Wysocki?

With more than three decades of experience, Attorney Wysocki can utilize his extensive knowledge and legal skills to your advantage, regardless of whether you need a strong defense strategy or wise counsel in a family law case.

Do you know your rights?

You have heard that you have the right to remain silent, but you may not understand exactly how important exercising this right could be to the outcome of your case. You do not have to speak to law enforcement or investigators without your lawyer present to protect you, and should you do so, it could have a negative effect on your case, as your statement could be misconstrued, twisted and used against you at trial. Let the firm take charge or your defense, and protect your from the pressure of police investigators, and to determine the best strategy for your defense case.

Representation in Warren That You Can Rely On

Navigating the legal system is extremely difficult for the average person. After all, most of us do not attend law school, so how could we possibly understand the complexities of the criminal justice system? The system is geared to convict, and a prosecutor has all the resources the state provides to support the effort to find you guilty.

The only person who stands between you and conviction is your criminal defense lawyer. You need to get in touch with the firm immediately after you have been arrested. No matter what charges have been filed against you, the experience and quality of your defense lawyer has everything to do with the outcome of your case. Don't take chances.

Turn to Albert L. Wysocki for legal counsel. Contact his Warren criminal defense law firm today for a free case evaluation.

Real Testimonials From Our Clients

  • “Without going into personal perspective of my family's need for retaining Mr. Wysocki, I can insure you, your money will be well spent.”

    Karl S.

  • “He made me feel like family. He absolutely wants what's best for his client and will fight to the end! His office staff was very competent and polite. I had a great experience and would definitely use him again in the future.”

    Alyssa B

  • “Every interaction I've had with him has been much better than I expected.”

    Justin S.

  • “Hiring Albert L Wysocki as my attorney was absolutely without a doubt hands down one of the best decisions of my life.”


  • “Mr. Wysocki is as good as they get!”

    Ron W.

Unbiased Advice, Honest Representation

Forged By Years of Experience
  • Over Three Decades of Criminal Law Experience

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  • He Understands The Complex Nature of Criminal Cases

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