Criminal Defense Attorney in Shields, IL

Criminal Defense Attorney in Shields, IL

Don't Gamble With Your Future!

It can be difficult to find an attorney you can trust. There are so many lawyers out there that it may be overwhelming to sort through the endless search results with pages upon pages of law professionals. It is important that you know what to look for in a Shields criminal defense lawyer. You can trust attorney Albert L. Wysocki to represent you if you are facing criminal charges.

Mr. Wysocki is a firm believer in providing unmatched, client-focused service and he builds a strong rapport with each of his clients. He has defended every type of case, including:

The most important attributes of a criminal defense lawyer are experience, dedication and results. Read testimonials from other clients so you are confident you have come to the right place.

Why Hire Attorney Albert L. Wysocki?

With more than three decades of experience, Attorney Wysocki can utilize his extensive knowledge and legal skills to your advantage, regardless of whether you need a strong defense strategy or wise counsel in a case.

Why Work with Albert L. Wysocki Attorney At Law?

Attorney Wysocki has outstanding credentials and experience to serve you, including serving as a Judge in the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Bench. He is an extremely effective and competent trial lawyer, and well respected by his peers in the justice system. 88% of his practice is dedicated to litigation, and his extensive trial experience and knowledge of case development and presentation has proven to be of great benefit to those he represents.

Defendants have rights, and unfortunately, these rights are often violated. As a zealous defender of each person he represents, if law enforcement has overstepped the bounds of the law, this will immediately be brought to the attention of the court. You deserve to be defended by a professional. Let the firm review the facts in your case before you make a decision about your plea.

Albert L. Wysocki has over three decades of experience at criminal trials, and would like to speak with you. He will carefully analyze each component of your case, including witness statements, police reports, lab procedures, and all other details as the first order of business. You may be the victim of a rights violation, or any other severe error that could lead to a case dismissal.

If you need a compassionate and effective criminal defense attorney in Shields, do not hesitate to contact Albert L. Wysocki today.

Real Testimonials From Our Clients

  • “He is very professional and courteous. He is intimidating, but I'd prefer a firm attorney over a push-over any day.”


  • “I would HIGHLY recommend him without any reservation as an attorney for both Lake and Cook County cases.”

    Cindy G

  • “If you are looking for an honest and loyal attorney who will leave no rock unturned Mr. Albert Wysocki is the professional for the job.”

    Deandre B.

  • “He is an outstanding member of the bar, and will always be our attorney of record.”

    Reen C

  • “Mr. Wysocki is as good as they get!”

    Ron W.

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  • Over Three Decades of Criminal Law Experience

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  • He Understands The Complex Nature of Criminal Cases

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