Gurnee Criminal Defense Lawyer Defending Your Rights

Gurnee Criminal Defense Lawyer

30-Year Criminal Law Veteran Serving Gurnee, Illinois

Nothing speaks as to competence more than consistent and successful experience in one's chosen field. When it comes to selecting a criminal defense attorney, demonstrated competence through a long track record of success speaks volumes. That's what you will find at the law firm of Albert L. Wysocki, Attorney at Law. Mr. Wysocki has more than 30 years of experience in the field of criminal law.

As a Gurnee criminal defense attorney, he brings an extensive, highly-advantageous background to the people he serves with the following positions:

  • Former Lake County Judge
  • Former Lake County prosecutor
  • Former Chief Deputy Sheriff

That means he can think like a judge as well as prosecutor when devising your defense strategy and presenting your case to the court. Having served in law enforcement, he also has a keen and intimate knowledge of police procedures and tactics. You will undoubtedly have to look far and wide to find a Gurnee criminal defense lawyer with the combined insight, knowledge, and accomplishments that Mr. Wysocki embodies and which he uses on a daily basis on behalf of clients.

Can You Handle My Criminal Case?

If you are facing state or federal criminal charges, you may be at risk for many serious penalties, including jail or prison time, heavy fines, restitution, probation, loss of your driver's license, or other court-ordered actions. Retaining skilled legal representation is essential if you wish to have a better chance at an optimum outcome. You should never have to face the cold and indifferent criminal justice system alone. Mr. Wysocki and his legal team can bring a measure of relief to the difficult situation you face by giving you the advice, guidance, and support you need.

Attorney Wysocki handles misdemeanors and felonies at both the state and federal level. To learn more about how this seasoned attorney can help you, contact his firm to arrange to speak with him in a free, no-obligation consultation today.

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Real Testimonials From Our Clients

  • “He is very professional and courteous. He is intimidating, but I'd prefer a firm attorney over a push-over any day.”


  • “Albert Wysocki esq. is an adept and skillful litigator that is willing to fight for his client's best interest.”

    Jamie K

  • “Good advice is invaluable.”


  • “After 5 minutes or debate, it was like Al used some type of jedi mind trick and the judge agreed to all of Al's requests. I couldn't recommend him more.”

    Anthony D.

  • “Mr. Wysocki represented my son in a criminal matter. He is very professional, always returned our calls, and gave us the best representation that money could buy!”

Unbiased Advice, Honest Representation

Forged By Years of Experience
  • Over Three Decades of Criminal Law Experience

  • One-On-One Consultations & Personalized Representation

  • He Understands The Complex Nature of Criminal Cases

  • He Never Backs Down From a Challenge & Will Fight For You