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Defense for Serious Criminal Charges

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The stress of the being charged with a crime and navigating through the criminal system can is often too overwhelming to bear. Even some inexperienced attorneys cower at the thought of taking on some cases because they lack the confidence necessary to litigate all the way to trial.

Fortunately, when you call Albert L. Wysocki Attorney At Law, you can benefit from having one-on-one counsel from a lawyer with more than 30 years of experience in criminal cases. Through the years, Attorney Wysocki's status as a criminal defense lawyer has grown immensely, making him one of the most valuable attorneys in the Woodstock and surrounding areas.

30+ Years of Experience on Your Side

Attorney Wysocki's experience branches out to many areas. He has worked as a judge, prosecutor, and Chief Deputy Sheriff. Through the years, he has achieved numerous successes for his clients, including reduced penalties and even case acquittals. He searches every avenue to build an effective defense for you and customizes a strategy to suit your particular situation because your case will be unique from all others.

Our current and former clients have provided testimonials about their experience working with Attorney Wysocki, which you can read here.

These are some examples of the types of cases he can handle:

Attorney Wysocki always puts his clients' needs first. He works with you to build a strong attorney-client relationship by understanding his clients' needs and communicating openly with them about how their case is progressing. Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, you need an attorney you can count on to guide you onto the right path towards securing a favorable outcome.

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Bring your case to our Woodstock criminal defense attorney so that you can discuss all of the facts in greater detail. Knowing that the criminal justice system can be incredibly intimidating, but you can rest assured knowing that Attorney Wysocki's experience makes for tough opposition to prosecutors.

Your case is in good hands when you have Albert L. Wysocki on your side. Contact the firm today to schedule a free consultation!

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