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Libertyville Criminal Defense Lawyer

A Reputable Attorney with Decades of Experience

Attorney Albert L. Wysocki understands that fighting criminal defense charges can be stressful. He has been working in various legal positions for 31 years. He began his career by working as a sheriff, so he has direct field experience with arrest procedure. He later became a public defender and eventually started his private practice after being admitted to the Illinois Bar in 1977.

From 1986-1990, Mr. Wysocki served as an Associate Judge for the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court. In 1990, he left his position as a judge and began to work as a trial lawyer. You would be hard-pressed to find an attorney who has such a wide range of legal experience to bring to the table. Mr. Wysocki is a talented and respected Libertyville criminal attorney, and is prepared to discuss your case on an immediate basis.

He offers a free initial consultation, so you won't have any obligations when you first discuss your case with him.

Fighting Criminal Defense Charges in Libertyville

It is possible that the criminal accusations leveled against you are completely false, and that you were innocent, or you may have had some involvement. In either case, you have the right to an attorney, but it could not be more important that you choose the right individual to stand between you and conviction. The prosecution has the duty to do everything possible to achieve a conviction at trial - even if you are actually innocent. Don't be railroaded by the justice system. Get a professional on your side that is ready to help you fight back.

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Albert L. Wysocki is a highly trained lawyer who is dedicated to providing you with professional and effective defense counsel. Whether you are accused of a violent crime such as assault or murder, or any other criminal charge, including financial crimes such as credit card fraud, get in touch with the firm at once.

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