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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Lake County

Albert L. Wysocki Attorney at Law

Have you been charged with a serious crime? If so, it is important that you immediately contact an attorney. Working with a lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of your case and provide you with protection against an unjust sentence.

Attorney Albert L. Wysocki has more than 30 years of experience handling a variety of complex legal concerns, and he may be able to help you as well. If you find yourself facing any of the following criminal accusations, do not hesitate to retain the representation of an aggressive Lake County criminal defense lawyer such as Attorney Wysocki.

Attorney Wysocki represents clients all throughout Illinois, including Warren, Gurnee, Grayslake, Libertyville, Fox Lake, Lake County, Benton, McHenry County, Shields, Zion, and Mundelein.

Criminal Defense: Our Practice Areas

Whether you are the one facing charges, your friend or family member has been arrested, or your child has been charged with a juvenile crime, you need a criminal lawyer on your side. Albert L. Wysocki Attorney at Law handles cases ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. He can provide defense for everything from theft crimes to violent crimes such as assault, domestic violence, murder, and rape / sexual assault.

Mr. Wysocki has a strong success record defending other types of sex crimes. Have you been arrested for criminal sexual conduct? Perhaps your charges are more serious and involve crimes against children, such as child enticement, online solicitation of a minor, or child pornography. Get the defense that you need by retaining Attorney Wysocki to fight for you.

Attorney Wysocki also provides relentless DUI defense. Whether this is your first DUI or you are facing charges for multiple DUI offenses or a felony DUI, he can help. Mr. Wysocki knows the DUI process, including out of state DUI, and will fight tirelessly to have your charges reduced or your DUI thrown out entirely. Consequences of a DUI conviction range from jail time and fines to driver's license suspension and the installation of an ignition interlock device, so hire a criminal attorney now.

In addition to all of the crimes above, Attorney Wysocki also defense clients facing serious criminal charges. These range from drug crimes such as possession, distribution and trafficking to federal crimes such as white collar crimes, credit card fraud, and other fraudulent offenses.

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Albert L. Wysocki Attorney at Law is prepared to provide the solid defense that you need, regardless of the charges you are facing.

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